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About Me

Welcome to my portfolio website! My Name is Khala Wright, and I am a Full-Stack Web Developer.

With a strong skill set in .NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, CI/CD, and PostgreSQL, I bring great experience and expertise to the table. I graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Integrative Studies in May 2017.

My most recent experience has been in the role as an intern Full Stack Web Developer at Coder Foundry. I have built three full stack applications using ASP.NET Core MVC, incorporating PostgreSQL, C#, Bootstrap, HTML and CCS. Additionally, I have developed smaller front-end applications using Vanilla JavaScript. My work includes implementing CI/CD with GitHub and publishing sites to platforms like Railway and Netlify. I take pride in my ability to meet weekly deadlines while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

In my previous positions as a Team Lead and Account Manager within two SaaS companies in the healthcare industry, I served as the primary point of contact for orthopedic surgeons across multiple clinics in the United States. I effectively communicated with clients, ensuring their needs were understood and addressed while continuing to grow our book of business. Managing a virtual team of 35+ individuals was another key aspect of my role, resulting in a 90% retention rate.

My diverse experience in full stack development, team leadership, and client management highlights my ability to handle technical projects while ensuring effective collaboration and client satisfaction.

Name: Khala Wright
From: Florida, US
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What I Use

I am a creative problem solver. I build full-stack web applications. I use C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. I have highlighted my key technical skills that I will bring to your project. Check out some of my full-stack projects below!

I use C# on a daily basis to build full-stack web applications. You can see examples of my work implementing C# in my projects sections.

I use proven design patterns and frameworks to build websites. ASP.NET Core Web and MVC fits the bill for most projects. Visit my projects to see examples.

Javascript is the language of the web. I use vanilla js and I am comfortable with many js frameworks. Check out my smaller projects section for some js projects.

I use HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to build beautiful responsive websites. Bootstrap is my go to CSS framework. Many shy away from front-end, but I embrace it!

I use git and github for all my projects. Git is the most used source control framework in the world. I also employ CI/CD for publishing.

SQL is the language of the database. My projects all utilize a database. I have used Postgres on all of them. I can write SQL on any DB platform.

Projects I Have Built

Showcasing complete functional projects demonstrates what I can bring to your project. I built these projects from the ground up to demonstrate my skillset with front-end, back-end, security, and database development. All of these projects are full-stack web projects that are published so that you can demo them easily. Contact me to get a complete code walk through.

A role-based, full stack bug tracker app built with ASP.NET MVC, C#, and SQL.

A full stack address book built with ASP.NET MVC, C#, and SQL.

A blog built using ASP.NET MVC with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

Smaller Projects

These coding challenges are smaller in scope and scale than my full-stack projects. These problems are fun to solve and also show case some UI skills and front-end dev skills with JavaScript. All the projects are published so you can easily see my work in action. Contact me if you would like to discuss any of my work.

Using JavaScript, I created a mortgage loan calculator.

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Created an events tracker using JavaScript that includes saving into your storage.

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Created the classic FizzBuzz challenge using JavaScript.

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Using JavaScript, I created reverse-a-string generator with a "For" loop.

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Using JavaScript, I created a palindrome checker.

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Created a 0 to 100 generator using JavaScript.

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